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Breaking News: Realtors Nationwide Are Paying the Dumb Tax

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Dumb Tax

Breaking News: Realtors Nationwide Are Paying the Dumb Tax

Most likely you are…

I’ve spoken to hundreds of Realtors this year alone and prepared their tax returns; in fact, this past week I saved a realtor over $162,000 in taxes after identifying that his accountant had put him in the wrong entity structure.

When speaking with Realtor’s I find too many forking over thousands to the dreaded


You might be paying the DUMB TAX if you do any of the following:

  1. Hiring a year-end tax accountant and a separate bookkeeper. You are paying more in fees, working harder, getting less done and paying more taxes, since NO ONE communicates. You think they do but they do not, and very high-level Realtors have confirmed this with me.
  2. You are doing the bookkeeping yourself. Or perhaps you are waiting until year-end to comb through all your bank statements and credit card statements. You are trying to figure out how many miles you drove to your listing appointments throughout the year. I guarantee if you are not keeping track of these items on a weekly basis you are missing deductions.
  3. Filing your taxes by yourself and thinking that you know ALL the deductions you are supposed to take on a yearly basis.
  4. Estimated Tax: Not paying your estimated tax payments and instead you pay out more in penalties and interest at year-end.
  5. Entity Structuring: Incorporating yourself using an online service and hoping you choose the right entity! What happens if you guess wrong? Recently, I had a client guess wrong and it will cost him $48,000 in taxes.

There is just so much for a business owner to know and comply with

How can you possibly do it all on your own?

Hiring the right accountant gives you peace of mind, money, and tax savings!

So, if you think you might be paying the DUMB TAX year after year…

….then we really should talk…

…..maximizing all deductions and even looking at obscure incentives hidden in the tax code.

…..Legal entity structuring and whether or not an efficient tax structure has been designed to minimize tax liability.

…..How to legally get money out of your business without paying taxes.

…..The best ways to save for retirement.


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