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We work hard, really, really hard. We are high achievers who do what needs to be done to complete the task at hand. We aim for excellence. We all pitch in. We get dirty if necessary. We get the job done no matter what. But we strive to accomplish it during office hours.

We believe in being present where your feet are. When we’re at work, we crush it. We produce big needle-moving results. When we’re not at work, we live well, enjoy ourselves and reconnect with our personal values. I have tried to create a company that I want to work at, and that means I want people to be able to walk out the door and go have a life.

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The mission of The Tax Planning Pros is to help business owners with the way they think about their taxes, their businesses, their wealth and their legacy.

We will help our clients by providing superior tax savings services and help them save the most money possible year after year.