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  • Year-End Retirement Tips You Need Now November 30, 2022
    Greetings and welcome to the Jeff Trapp Podcast. Tune in as Jeff discusses yearend retirement planning. Why retirement? Because the reality is that the clock is always ticking. We aren't getting any younger. The clock just continues ticking towards retirement, but also towards the end of the year. Moreover, you need to take steps now […]
  • The Benefits of Gratitude and Charity November 23, 2022
    Happy Wednesday before Thanksgiving from The Jeff Trapp Show. Not only are we thankful that you’re checking out our podcast, but we also hope you've had the opportunity to tune in weekly to Jeff's year-end tax write-off series. If you missed out or you’re new here, we encourage you to go back and check them […]
  • The Best Year-End Stock Portfolio Strategies November 16, 2022
    For the last several weeks The Jeff Trapp Show has been running a last-minute year-end tax strategy series to help business owners discover how to reduce their taxes before the year ends. In this episode, Jeff will unpack some excellent stock portfolio strategies that you can use to reduce your taxes before 2022 comes to […]
  • Year End Health Care Write Offs November 9, 2022
    Taking care of your health is essential, but it can also be a significant expense that, if handled properly, can turn into a great year-end write-off. In this episode of The Jeff Trapp Podcast Show, Jeff will explain how to lower your overall taxable income using year-end healthcare strategies as well as medical reimbursement strategies. […]
  • Last Minute Section 179 Expense Write-Offs November 2, 2022
    On The Jeff Trapp Show, Jeff will discuss ways to maximize additional write-offs and deductions before December 31st in our ongoing year-end tax savings series. Generally, if you have a growing business, your net profits will be higher, which means that your taxable income will be higher. Perhaps you are also investing in real estate […]
  • Prepaying Expenses For Bigger Deductions October 26, 2022
    On today's Jeff Trapp Show, Jeff discusses the safe harbor rule that allows you to prepay your expenses before the year ends. You may not know it, but It is entirely possible to prepay many expenses in advance and thereby end the year with more write-offs. So, if you're still looking for more ways to […]
  • Understanding The Benefits of Tax Planning October 19, 2022
    Tax planning season has begun. If you were thinking you were finished with taxes, we have news for you. Tax planning isn’t like tax preparation. It's not something you do once a year but the tax savings can be phenomenal compared to tax preparation alone. Most importantly, to make the most out of tax planning […]
  • How To Avoid Paying Capital Gains Taxes October 12, 2022
    This round of The Jeff Trapp Show is all about paying no taxes when you sell an asset. Jeff will be sharing tax-free capital gains, what you can do to offset capital gains, and getting tax-free capital gains from inherited assets. So if you’re looking for some ideas on how to pay no taxes this […]
  • Selling Your Home Tax-Free October 5, 2022
    This week, the Jeff Trapp Podcast Show unpacks how you can avoid capital gains when selling your home. Here Jeff explains the Principle Residence Exclusions incentive, as well as strategies that you can use should your gain on the sale of your property exceed the incentive's exclusion amount. If you’re planning to sell your home […]
  • Why is the IRS interested in my cryptocurrency? September 28, 2022
    Do you invest in cryptocurrencies? Are you wondering if it needs to be reported to the IRS? In this episode of the Jeff Trapp Podcast Show, Jeff clarifies key questions regarding the IRS's interest in cryptocurrency and its taxability. For example, there is a question found on the 1040 that asks "At any time during […]
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