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The Jeff Trapp Podcast

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  • IRS Dirty Dozen Scams May 24, 2023
    Today, on The Jeff Trapp Podcast, Jeff dives into the dirty dozen scams just released by the IRS as he shares what to watch out for. Some of the topics he covers are Employee Retention Credit claims, phishing and smishing scams, online account help from third-party scammers, false fuel tax credit claims, fake charities, and […]
  • Estate Planning: Why It's Important May 17, 2023
    This week on the Jeff Trapp Podcast we are focused on helping you better understand how and why estate planning can be beneficial to your financial goals. While this may not sound like a tax tip, and you may think it's not something you need to focus on in this phase of your life, Jeff […]
  • Small Business Financial Tips May 10, 2023
    Welcome to the Jeff Trapp Podcast where we're covering how small business owners like you can win in this season of your business. While Wall Street and other pundits are raising fear about a recession, Jeff is here to shed some light on what is really happening with the economy. So, in this episode, he'll […]
  • Why Venmo & Business Don't Mix May 3, 2023
    Welcome to the Jeff Trapp Podcast! In this episode, Jeff will discuss some really pesky issues surrounding cash accounts and payments. In particular, he'll explain how third-party apps like Venmo or Zelle for making payments or collecting cash are actually making way more work for you as well as your accountant. Besides explaining why you […]
  • Go All In For The Win April 26, 2023
    Welcome to the Jeff Trapp Podcast, where we bring the most beneficial tax strategies and financial topics to light weekly. In this episode, Jeff switches gears from the nitty gritty tax topics and offers an insight into the economy to inspire you to change your perspective and up your game. He offers real and in-depth […]
  • Tax Season Is Over! Now What? April 19, 2023
    After months of arduous paperwork and filing, taxpayers can finally breathe easy. It’s April 19th, and unless you extended your tax returns, you can sit back and relax for a bit. However, for some, you may still not feel relieved at this point. Especially if you paid the IRS and possibly your state an enormous […]
  • Key Financial Metrics For Your Business April 12, 2023
    In this round of The Jeff Trapp Podcast, Jeff focuses on the key metrics businesses need to track and how frequently they should do so. He explains why it is crucial to your financial health to know how much you are making versus how much you are keeping. He'll also explain why tracking metrics is […]
  • Small Business Tax Filing Tips April 5, 2023
    Welcome to The Jeff Trap Podcast. Whether you're a first-timer or a regular, we're here to help you maximize your tax savings. With the tax filing deadline just thirteen days away, in this episode, Jeff focuses on tax tips that can help you better understand how best to approach and handle the tax filing deadline. […]
  • Health Care Write-Offs for Small Businesses March 29, 2023
    It's a pleasure to have you join us on the Jeff Trapp Podcast today. If you are wondering about healthcare write-offs check out this episode now. Jeff covers a wide variety of healthcare expenses that are deductible, as well as some that aren’t. His topics include shared ministry health care, doctors, dentists, surgeons, non-traditional doctors, […]
  • Banking Crisis Explained March 22, 2023
    There has been a lot of chaos in the economy in the past few weeks. Two banks failed, Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank, as well as Europe's own banking failures. However, the reason why they failed isn't quite what you may expect. So, this week on The Jeff Trapp Podcast, Jeff discusses what exactly […]
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