About Jeff Trapp

Using advanced tax strategies and tax planning, I've saved clients thousands of dollars. Many of these strategies have previously only been available to major corporations. Our expertise brings that knowledge to real estate owners, investors, brokers, and agents. Because I’ve spent the past decade specializing in the real estate industry, studying the nuances of the applicable tax laws, I’m able to immediately ascertain how to save you the most possible money come tax time. Every client is different, there are always nuances and specific laws to know about, and that’s where I help ensure your business gets the best possible tax rate, the biggest savings and the best use of your existing capital year after year. The first step to begin your Tax Savings transformation is to schedule a strategy session to discuss your goals and challenges. I will provide you with a high-level assessment and recommendations for the next steps in helping you keep your hard earned money and stay out of the Tax Trapp!
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