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At the end of the day educating our clients in the best path forward to change the way that they think about their businesses, their life, and their legacy. By working along side clients we are able to obtain extraordinary results in reducing their taxes, creating additional cash-flow, improve their personal finances, and create consistent wealth year after year. By providing our clients with the knowledge they need to win in business, taxes, and finances they are able to create long term legacy for them and their families.

We strive for excellence in everything that we do by providing a superior client experience, so that you can focus on growing your business and your net-worth year after year. Our mission is to help as many business owners as possible keep more of their hard-earned money because we think that they spend their money better than the government does!

Excel at whatever you have to do. Just being good isn’t good enough, we strive to live in a constant state of excellence. We take what is good and make it excellent by providing a high quality experience for our team and our clients. We give our best effort everyday in everything that we do. Operating in excellence is not just a motto it is a way of life. We strive to be excellent in our relationships, in our careers, and with our finances. We will lead by example. By operating in excellence we will not only change our lives but future generations by the way that we live. Excellence attracts excellence! So be excellent, so that you can have an excellent life.

We are growth minded. We believe that our only competition is who we were yesterday. We are self-aware. We are open to feedback. We geek out over personal development and vision boards and signing up for things out of our comfort zone. We celebrate our milestones and cheer lead our team as they work toward their own. We are self-starters, lifelong learners, and then strive for candid and constructive real time feedback in order to learn and grow.

We are servant leaders. We are giving. We believe that to whom much is given, much is expected. We believe that the mantle of leadership comes with immense responsibility. We believe in asking, how can I help? We believe in showing up for others with our hands, our hearts, and our finances. We set the standard for what it means to show up well for others.
We work hard, really, really hard. We are high achievers who do what needs to be done to complete the task at hand. We aim for excellence. We all pitch in. We get dirty if necessary. We get the job done no matter what. But we strive to accomplish it during office hours. We believe in being present where your feet are. When we're at work, we crush it. We produce big needle-moving results. When we're not at work, we live well, enjoy ourselves and reconnect with our personal values. I have tried to create a company that I want to work at, and that means I want people to be able to walk out the door and go have a life.
We are intentional. We focus on results, not to dos. We are clear in our expectations, we anticipate, we think before we act, we plan before we execute. We believe that you can achieve anything if you are focused, hardworking and have a roadmap.
We choose a positive outlook. We choose to ground ourselves in gratitude. We want to work in an environment with amazing energy. We understand that we must manifest that feeling within ourselves before we can fill the walls of our office with it. So we choose laughter and happiness and smiles, not because we believe life is always easy or fun, but because we know that even amongst the darkness, we can create our own light.
We always give more than we take. We always put others and the company before individual accolades. We always do the right thing and make our decisions based on what is the morally right thing to do. We don’t seek out personal gain from what we do and the decisions we make, instead we make decisions based on what’s best for others and what’s best for the company. We believe that ultimately what is best for the company is best for us anyway.
Jeff Trapp

Jeff Trapp

Chandra Patrick

Chandra Patrick

Operations Manager
Rissa Thomas

Rissa Thomas

Office Manager
Zoe Camp

Zoe Camp

Business Development Specialist
Rhonda Hakim

Rhonda Hakim

Alicia Dewar

Alicia Dewar

Wealth Creator

Jeff and his team offer a wide variety of resources and professionals. I appreciate the tax planning aspect and overall business review. They are efficient with communications and procedures. The bottom line of also realizing tax savings is a definite bonus.

Lynn Pender

Tru Blue Construction

Jeff is a man of his word. A professional with clear expertise in all matters of tax/accounting, who follows through and is easily reachable at all times no matter how small the questions/matter. Choosing to work with Jeff Trapp has been one of the best professional decisions I’ve made.

Larry Fraize

SaiCal Ventures Executive VP

Jeff Trapp has been preparing my Corporate and Personal taxes for years. He is accessible and helpful with information that we need to be able to make informed business decisions. I would recommend him to business owners looking to save money and get professional advice that they can put into practice immediately.

Cale Thomas

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