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The Tax Planning Pros is a premier provider of financial tax planning services that help businesses navigate the complex world of taxes. Our team of certified tax strategists is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals optimize their tax liabilities and minimize their tax burdens. Financial tax planning is a critical aspect of business management, and it is essential to have expert tax planning professionals on your side. By partnering with The Tax Planning Pros, businesses can ensure that they are staying compliant with all applicable tax laws and regulations, while also maximizing their tax savings. With our personalized approach and in-depth expertise, The Tax Planning Pros is the perfect partner for any business and individual looking to achieve financial success and reach their financial goals.

Our Mission To You

The Tax Planning Pros is here to help business owners with the way they think about their taxes, their businesses, their wealth, and their legacy. We will help our clients by providing superior tax savings services and help them save the most money possible year after year.

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We Minimize The Tax Burden With Business Tax Planning Services

Your company is obligated to pay taxes, and so are your competitors. Tax planning for companies may not always be critical on the agenda. If you’re like most companies, you know that your solution to your quarterly tax filings is suboptimal at best. Even if your company has stuck with its financial tax planning and tax preparation strategy for a long time, there’s a chance that you’re consistently overpaying your taxes or leaving money on the table.

Our team of tax planning professionals have been providing tax planning for companies for decades. We have over a 90% client retention rate at The Tax Planning Pros because we become a part of your business. We assign you and your business a dedicated certified tax strategist and planner so that you no longer have to worry about whether your filings are accurate or if you’re getting the best tax savings. Regardless of industry, your highly specialized tax strategist will ensure that your business has the financial tax planning services necessary to save you the most money and earn your business.

We have been providing tax planning for businesses for over 70 years. By working with a certified tax planner to build your company’s tax strategy, we can help you save money and plan for the future of your business. Whether you’re looking for help with your company’s filings or tutelage regarding how you should structure your own financial future, we’re ready to give you the attention and tax empowerment you deserve. Fill out a form or call us to schedule a meeting with a tax planning advisor today.

Top Strategies

What We Provide You

Proactive Tax Planning

We take a proactive approach to Tax Planning and Tax Preparation. We meet with you consistently throughout the year as life and business can change quickly, therefore your tax situation can change just as fast. We review prior-year tax returns along with your current and future tax situations in order to save you the most money possible year after year.

Business Growth

We want to proactively help grow your business year over year. To do that you need an efficient tax strategy to increase cash-flow to grow your wealth year after year. With quarterly meetings with our experts we will make sure you are on the right track.

Retirement Planning

We not only want to save you money now but also in the future when you decide to retire. What good is a tax strategy if we don’t consider the tax consequences of your retirement plan? With a proactive well thought out approach we can work towards reducing your tax bracket in the future to the 0% tax bracket with “The Power of Zero” retirement planning.

Wealth Preservation

We don’t only want you to preserve your wealth but to create a long term generational wealth legacy for you and your family. At The Tax Planning Pros we strive for excellence in preserving your wealth and helping you keep as much of your hard earned money as possible.

Tax Planning Professionals for Companies Looking for Growth

Each tax planning advisor at The Tax Planning Pro’s has a wealth of experience in offering our business tax planning services. As one of the best tax preparation companies in the US, we have helped our clients save more than $29 million in combined taxes. Our team includes certified tax strategists with vast experience serving businesses, families, and individuals. You can trust us for your financial tax planning strategies based on the specific needs of your business and family.

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The Tax Planning Pros tax planning process has worked so much for our family, businesses and real estate portfolio. We can't recommend this company enough. They are wonderful to work with, and we highly recommend them.

January Seeton

Seeton Properties, LLC

Jeff and his team are total professionals. Jeff is a creative thinker and is proactive. Responsive and detail oriented. Everything you could want in your tax preparer. I really appreciate that he understands and focuses on helping top producers in the real estate brokerage business.

Josh Dempsey

JD Napa Valley, Inc.

Jeff has saved me an extraordinary amount of money in the last couple years that I have known him. His guidance, expertise, connections, and skill are second to none. I have referred him to as many people as I can because he is that good.

Michael Milano

Michael Milano Real Estate Corporation
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